Here's to making things happen.

Maybe, just maybe...I can be an LA version of Carrie Bradshaw (with a fusion of Gwen Stefani and Sporty Spice).  Does that exist already?  I hope not.  

The other morning, the sky was crisper than normal....slight chill...and I knew just what to wear: Overalls! I was so excited to finally wear something fall-ish.  I got all dolled up, put red lipstick on and waltzed out the door feeling fresh.  As soon as the door slammed, it was as if everyone in all of LA got the memo to also wear overalls and look the exact same.  Every place I went, overalls on a girl, overalls on another girl, overalls on a guy....I swear there was a pair of overalls on a dog.  I tweaked out a little and just looked to the sky.  Why must we all look alike?  I got all riled up over it.  My biggest struggle in this city is looking like every other blonde.  But oftentimes I get so stuck on trying to be different that I end up making choices that place me right back to looking the same.  

Everything has already been done it seems...what can I really do that puts me out of the crowd?  

Then it all clicked.  Yes we all wore overalls.  Yes we all looked rad.  The point is, stop tweaking out!  There's enough room for all of us overall-obsessed peeps. However, in my world, no one can rock a pair of connected top & bottom quite like me.  Yes, they will try.  They will show up everywhere, always ready.  I will somehow manage to stand out and thrive in my own way.  In a sea of overall wearin' fish.....I will be the bright cobalt blue fishee swimming upstream in my own rad overalls.

Always be confident in how powerful you are.  

So here goes first blog post.  Shout out to my Club Monaco dressy overalls.  



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